Travelsist was built atop decades of air travel industry experience.
Our #1 objective is to move air travelers through the airport safely, seamlessly, and on-time!

Airlines and airports trust Travelsist to care for their passengers, and provide them the absolute best-in-class assistance, ensuring a passenger experience that keeps customers happy and ready to book their next flight.

built by industry experts

Travelsist was founded by Veronica Woodruff - a veteran of the airline industry and a pioneer in travel tech. Veronica entered the airline industry as a flight attendant where she gained over a decade of experience putting passengers first.

During that time, she identified opportunities to improve the passenger experience, especially at the airport.

In 2018, she founded Travelsist and has built the company into one of the most innovative companies in the industry.



For many travelers, without the right support and assistance, navigating the airport can be anxiety-inducing, and in some cases, even dangerous.

At Travelsist, we're on a mission to make a safe, smooth, seamless airport experience accessible to anyone and everyone – especially our travelers-in-need.


In the future we envision, our innovative technology and a passionate global workforce of Travelsistants come together to truly redefine the airport experience.

Non-fliers becomes fliers. Job seekers in and around opportunity zones can shine as Travelsistants and ambassadors for their cities. Airports and airliners can finally ensure passengers-in-need are assisted, from ride-to-planeside, with maximum care.


Veronica Woodruff
CEO & Founder
Dino Decespedes
Head of Product
Dwalu Khasu
Chris Pels
Senior Software Engineer



You will assist travelers requiring support from their aircraft seat through the terminal to their onward travel (from ride-to-planeside). As a Travelsistant, you will be responsible for ensuring a positive experience for all passengers between the terminal and the aircraft.