More Efficient. Less Costly.
Our AI-enabled service model eliminates the need for more infrastructure investment and hard-to-hire human capital.

Travelsist combines cutting-edge AI technology with a fleet of exceptional Travelsistants who are trained, background checked and ready to provide the care and assistance travelers need to get through the airport safely, seamlessly and on-time.

Powered by AI

Travelsist uses AI and machine-learning to connect travelers with Travelsistants who are nearby and have the right skillset to assist.

Travelsist technology drastically reduces wait times and improves airport efficiency.


Provided by people

Our cutting edge tech is complemented by exceptional customer care.

Every Travelsistant embodies warmth, empathy, and a willingness to help, ensuring every journey through the airport is safe and comfortable.


A Sweet PRODUCT Suite

Passenger App

Our app allows passengers to personalize their assistance, enhancing confidence for those who usually find airports challenging and enabling them to navigate their travels with ease.

UI Screenshot of passenger app
UI screenshot of Travelsistant app

Travelsistant App

Our app uses AI and machine-learning to connect Travelsistants to jobs that match their skillsets to establish efficient workflows.

UI screenshot of data dashboard

Data Dashboard

Our data dashboard gives you insight into customer experiences and internal operational efficiency. Using data from the passenger and Travelsistant app, we enable you to make data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency, improve passenger satisfaction, and drive your business forward.


Increased boarding efficiency

Additional staff

Higher passenger satisfaction

Less congestion & bottlenecks

Lower gate hold times

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What do I need to add to my terminal or airport to accomodate Travelsist?

Nothing! Our service does not require additional infrastructure. Our Travelsistants will meet passengers at a designated meting point in the airport for a personalized and robust airport experience.

Is Travelsist only for passengers with disabilities?

Our mission is to serve all passengers with additional needs. This includes passengers with disabilities, families with small children, elderly passengers and passengers requiring concierge services.

How will my passengers know who their Travelsistant is?

Passengers are given a passcode when they make a reservation and we prompt them to exchange passcodes with their Travelsistant to ensure that they are properly matched.

Image of Travelsist's founder, Veronica Woodruff


Travelsist was founded by Veronica Woodruff - a veteran of the airline industry and a pioneer in travel tech. Veronica entered the airline industry as a flight attendant where she served for over a decade.

During that time, she identified opportunities to improve the passenger experience, especially at the airport. In 2018, she founded Travelsist and built the company into one of the most innovative companies in the industry.