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Image of mom and young child on an airplane

The idea of Travesist was born out of our founder, Veronica's, experience traveling alone with her 2-year-old daughter. As she was about to board a plane for a trip, she realized that she left her daughter's stroller at home.

Veronica's frustration, paired with nearly a decade of experience as a flight attendant, inspired her to create a solution that simplified travel for parents with young children.

MARCH 2020

To continue to build on the idea, Veronica took Travelsist to Georgia Tech and conducted user research. After performing customer discovery, she launched Travelsist as a baby gear rental company.

Image of our founder, Veronica, when Travelsist first launched as a baby gear rental company
One of our Travelsistants helping passengers at the airport
MARCH 2022

Navigating the pandemic right after launching taught us invaluable lessons. After a couple of years operating exclusively as a service tailored to helping parents, we broadened our offerings to cater to more passengers including seniors, passengers with disabilities and mobility challenges, and VIPs to help them get through the airport.

We also developed technology that empowered passengers, allowing them to request and receive assistance wherever they were located in the airport.

In late 2020, we received our seed round of funding, helping us grow from a concierge service into a full blown travel tech company.

MARCH 2024

It's been two years since our pivot and we are still going strong. We work with airports that service passengers worldwide and have improved our technology, integrating AI and machine learning to make the Travelsist experience more efficient and seamless.