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Travelsist provides on-demand personal assistance to air travelers with extra needs.

With just a few taps on your phone, you can reserve a Travelsistant who will promptly locate you and help you get through the airport safely, seamlessly, and on-time!

Button to download Travelsist on the Google Play store
Button to download Travelsist on the Google Play store
AI generated image of travel assistant (Travelsistant) pushing a disabled passenger in a wheelchair through the airport

Powered by AI

Travelsist uses AI and machine-learning to connect travelers with Travelsistants who are nearby and have the right skillset to assist.

Travelsist technology drastically reduces wait times and improves airport efficiency.


Provided by people

Our cutting edge tech is complemented by exceptional customer care.

Every Travelsistant embodies warmth, empathy, and a willingness to help, ensuring every journey through the airport is safe and comfortable.


Travelers We Serve

AI generated image of a disabled passenger in a wheelchair.

Disabled passengers

For many, airports are a mere inconvenience. But for individuals with disabilities, airports present a complex web of obstacles. Navigating busy terminals and managing heightened anxiety adds layers of stress to an already stressful experience.

Our team of Travelsistants are trained to work with disabled passengers, alleviating the stress of air travel and providing empathetic service to navigate obstacles and remove barriers to air travel.

Families with small children

Flying with small children often means the adventure begins well before takeoff. Traveling parents must manage luggage, potty breaks, travel documents, and the ticking clock.

Travelsist provides families an extra set of hands and the peace of mind that everyone (and everything) will arrive at their destination safely.

AI generated image of a family with small children waiting at the airport
AI generated image of senior citizens waiting to board a flight

Senior passengers

Traveling as a senior can be complicated and in some cases, dangerous.

Travelsistants are dedicated to supporting senior passengers as they navigate through extensive queues and bustling terminals. Their primary goal is to ensure that seniors move through the airport safely, seamlessly, and stress-free.

VIPs & business travelers

Travelsistants offer comprehensive assistance, including wayfinding, foreign language support, baggage handling, and providing insightful information about a traveler's destination.

As on-demand airport specialists, they are trained to alleviate stress and streamline what can often be the most exhausting aspect of the journey.

AI generated image of a businessman boarding a flight
"Travelsist is the best way to travel!"

Their response time was quick and they provided an easy step-by-step way to obtain my items. They escorted me through the check point and helped me lug all my items to the gate. Traveling with a toddler can be stressful but Travelsist made it so easy. From now on the only way my family and I will be traveling is with Travelsist!

Michelle Pearson
Image of Travelsistant customer, Michelle Pearson, and her baby

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