Fearless Fund Invests $250K Into Travelsist

By Shanique Yates @ Afrotech

January 25, 2022

Travelsist is where travel and technology collide! The travel tech company — founded by Veronica Woodruff — works to introduce concierge services and the gig economy to the airport ecosystem. Now, to continue in its mission, it can also celebrate as it’s received an investment of $250,000 from the Fearless Fund, the first venture capital fund built strictly by women of color for women of color. “Travelsist is perfectly positioned to capitalize on growing demand for personal on-demand services and the post-COVID air travel rebound,” said General Partner and Co-Founder of Fearless Fund, Arian Simone, in an official press release shared with AfroTech. “We have been amazed by Veronica’s business background and her vision, and Fearless Fund is thrilled to welcome Travelsist to our portfolio.”

New Approach To Travel & Tech

Founded in 2018, after Woodruff witnessed firsthand the struggles of traveling alone with her young daughter, Travelsist now continues to change the game. Fast forward to now, and the company aims to solve the human capital shortages that both airports and airlines have been experiencing thanks to the pandemic. Through the Travelsist platform, travelers can request concierge services for a host of accommodations that range from wheelchair services to assistance navigating unfamiliar airports and much more!

Expanding Accessibility at the Airport

“Every single flight that takes off today, domestic or international, will carry passengers who need extra assistance. 18% of air travelers have disabilities that fall under ADA,” said Woodruff in a statement. “The airlines and airports we speak to everyday tell us they are understaffed, and unable to meet traveler needs. In 2022, as travel rebounds, this shortfall will grow, and Travelsist will be here to satisfy all of this new and existing demand.”

Investing In A Better Future For Travel

Now that Fearless Fund has officially invested $250,000 into the company, Travelsist has plans to use the funds to further the development of its technology program. The company will also work to expand research, sales and marketing functions as its pre-seed round continues.


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